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Why Dogs Are So Much More Than Pets

Why Dogs Are So Much More Than Pets

When it comes to household pets there is no escaping the old dogs versus cats debate – it’s one that will never solved as both animals make for great pets. But one thing that simply cannot be argued is that dogs are much more useful and that they offer much more than simply companionship. Sometimes though, we tend to forget of all the uses and value that dogs have as we focus on them simply as pets and companions. Here’s a quick reminder of why dogs are so much more than just hair-shedding, pellet-eating, barking machines. 


Guard Dogs 
Once a dog has established its territory and bonded with its owners, you will have a guard dog and a first-responder for life. There are so many examples of the best security companies Melbourne has ever produced, who know a dog is a better deterrent than an alarm or an armed guard. He says a dog that visibly patrols the property and barks when approached will deter almost all potential burglars or prowlers. Better yet, he says that more than one dog is the way to go as even if one is neutralized there are still others and the pack mentality is strong. 


Guide Dogs 
Incredibly intelligent and eager to please, dogs love to be trained and to serve their masters. One of the most incredible ways in which this happens is in the guide-dog space where dogs lead blind people around safely. Such is the regard in which these dogs are help that they are allowed in restaurants or on aeroplanes and other similar places where traditionally ordinary pets are not allowed. 


Farmer’s friends 
Life on the farm can be tough with lots of manual labour and livestock that needs to be controlled. The classic sheep dog is a staple feature of most sheep farms, with well trained dogs knowing how to herd the animals and bend them to the will of the shepherd, who traditionally tells the dog (or dogs) what to do by whistling. 


Sniffer animals 

With an acute sense of smell dogs are easily trained to sniff out certain scents. Amongst other things can be trained to smell contraband, humans and explosives. As such they are very popular with police and airport security people where they are deployed to look for smugglers or dead bodies and other such things. The sniffer function is constantly being advanced as the spectrum of what is actually possible for dogs is discovered. Recent studies have suggested that dogs can also sniff out, or sense, things like earthquakes, cancer and fear. Who knows what else they can do. 


Exercise Mates 

Dogs love to get out the house and explore and as such they are great companions and exercise mates, especially for people who find it hard to motivate themselves. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that they need to be taken out regularly for exercise and ablutions. It follows logically from there that you need to go with the dog and that in turn the health benefits of walking and spending time outdoors will be experienced by the human partner of the equation as well.               



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