Northern Uranium | What to Do With A Broken iPhone 7 Screen?
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What to Do With A Broken iPhone 7 Screen?

What to Do With A Broken iPhone 7 Screen?


In modern era of technology, the use of smart phones has become very common. Among the different brands, Apple is a very famous name and new iPhones launched is a thing of interest to all age groups. iPhone 7 comes in four colors; rose gold, gold, silver and black. Capacity could be 32 GB or 128 GB. It has a 4.7-inch display, with 12 mega pixel camera. At some point, almost every iPhone user will drop their phone and tend to break the device’s screen. Hence, almost all users opt to cover it with a screen protector. Sometimes, even the protect does not guarantee the safety of the screen. 

Getting it fixed 

If you accidentally crack or break your iPhone’s screen, the advisable solution is to get it fixed immediately. iPhone 7 screen repair kit by taking it to the nearest Apple store should be the first priority.  If your phone has a single, hairline crack, Apple may consider the damage to be due to a manufacturing defect and may fix your phone for free. Apple techs are the ones who determine whether your break is due to a defect or an accident. You should backup the device to be safe. For this you will need to unlock your phone and turn off “Find My iPhone” before the techs will take your device. You’ll need your Apple ID password to do this, so make sure you have it handy.  

Avoiding third-party repair shops 

It is advisable not to involve any third party in repairing your iPhone’s screen. If by chance, the third-party repair shop is a bad one, chances are that during the process of repairing, other problems might arise like a home button that no longer recognizes fingerprints, or a bricked iPhone. And if a third-party repair shop bricks your iPhone, not only will you void your phone’s warranty, Apple may refuse to work on your phone at all. So, if you do decide to go with a third-party repair, make sure they offer a warranty on their service and any parts they replace.  

How much does an iPhone screen repair cost? 

This kind of accidental damage is a relatively inexpensive fix to have done through an Apple store if the phone is under warranty. However, if it’s no longer covered by an Apple warranty, Apple’s fees increase significantly. Another repair option is having a cracked iPhone fixed by a third-party service provider, which is often less expensive as mentioned above. The main cost factors for screen repair are the model of the device and screen damage status; whether both layers of the screen, the glass (called the digitizer in some models) and the LCD layer, are broken; the larger the model, the more expensive it is to repair. iPhone 7 screen repair costs usually around $120.  

iPhone 7 screen repair kit 

For cheap iPhone screen repair in Brisbane, certain kits are also available in the market and online, that includes all of the components required to perform your iPhone 7 LCD replacement at home. The kit for iPhone 7 screen repair usually costs around $79. The complete kit has the following inclusions.

  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 7 
  • Front outer glass lens screen replacement kit (This part is commonly used to repair a broken or scratched glass lens.) 
  • Made with the highest quality gorilla glass on the market. Shatter proof glass, fingerprint resistant oleo-phobic coating. 
  • Available colors: Black, white, Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Purple  
  • Includes installation instructions  
  • Includes free 3M high quality adhesive (Very important part) 
  • Includes phone repair tools kit 
  • Free warranty – (No Hassle)  
  • Free shipping  


Smart phones are used by people of almost every age group these days. Apple’s iPhones are very common in the market and owned by many. The touch screen phones demand careful usage, since a little fall might damage the screen. If by accident the screen of your iPhone 7 is damaged, there are several options for fixing it. The first priority should be to send it to a nearby Apple store for repair/replacement. Another option includes the purchase of iPhone screen repair kit. 

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