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Tips For A Great 21st Party

Tips For A Great 21st Party

Along with weddings and the associated parties that go with it, turning 21 and celebrating in style has become one of the most significant celebrations that you will throw in your life. Unlike weddings and baby showers, there are no qualifications for a 21st birthday party, all you have to do is remain alive for the required amount of time and a big party in your honour is an option. But as is inevitable with such key events, there is an expectation and a cost. Here’s our list of helpful pointers to make sure that your big night is everything that you want it to be. 


Make friends with the right people 

No matter who is involved, you simply can’t have too many people on your side for the big night. It might be a DJ, or a caterer, or the photographer or the building facility manager. The list can be long, but whoever it is, make sure that you have them on your side. In other words, make sure that you have made your expectations clear, that any promises you may have made to them have been fulfilled and that any tricks or favours that you need from them have been spelled out. The more building managers Sydney you have pulling for you, the less you have to worry about. 


Invest in the now 

If your budget is limited and you have to choose what to cut, cut out things that have no bearing on the present. In other words make sure the essentials stay. Good food and plenty of booze. Nice music and good people. That’s the ingredients that make for a good party. Videographers and gift hampers for the guests and after-parties are all irrelevant. Your friends are all there for you and with the right ingredients it will be fun. It doesn’t have to be flashy or glamorous because that is not what makes for memories. Sometimes simple is the best, let the guests celebrate you and make you the centre of the party – nothing else matters. 


Do your own thing 

It is your party and it is to celebrate your coming of age with your friends. So have a party that makes you happy. It’s not about having a better party than somebody else, or a similar party. You know what you like and who you like and all you have to do is combine the two together. If you love dancing hire a venue and a DJ. But if you prefer a quiet night out with friends then book a restaurant and treat them to the best dinner they have ever had. Or maybe you want something a little more active like paintball or go-carting; whatever it is that puts a smile on your face, do it. 



A tense host or hostess just makes everyone uncomfortable. Relax and have fun, that’s probably the best advice anyone ever gave for throwing a successful party. Nobody comes to a party determined to have a bad time, so work with that. Chill out, let your hair down and the success of the night is almost guaranteed. 




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