Northern Uranium | Things you need to know about deck sealing and Sydney deck sealing
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Things you need to know about deck sealing and Sydney deck sealing

Things you need to know about deck sealing and Sydney deck sealing

In construction or architecture world, deck is a flat surface which is somewhat similar to floor and can carry weight but it is made outside the house. Mostly, it is elevated from the ground and is connected with the house or any other building. As deck is a surface made up of wood so it needs to be protected from extreme weather conditions. To protect these decks, deck sealing was introduced which is oiled or painted over the deck, this sealing results in protection of deck from getting rusted or damaged. In this article, we are going to highlight the subject of deck sealing and specifically about Sydney deck sealing

Deck and its composition: 

Basically, the word deck was originally used for wooden elevated surface of boats but with the passage of time people started to build deck on their homes as well. Now, deck is defined as a wooden flat surface which is somewhat elevated from the ground and is connected with the building. It is built in outdoors like backyards are made up of deck,corridor, part of a landscaping or to extend living areas of houses.Main component that is used in making of a deck is wood or timber but other components are also added on the basis of which decks are further divided into various types. 

Deck sealing: 

Deck sealing is a kind of coating or layer that is painted on the surface of deck. They are extremely useful as they not only enhance the look of a deck but also protect it from extreme weather conditions. The product that is used for protecting deck is known as deck sealer. As weather keeps changing from heavy rain to scorching heat which can result in the damage or rusting of deck that is why these decks are coated with deck sealer. These deck sealers not only coat the deck but also penetrate deep into the wood which makes the wood flooring even firmer.  

Various types of deck sealers: 

There are different types of deck sealers which vary from one another according to their composition and functions. There is bond distributing ltd natural wood sealers which when applied on the deck enhance its color. Then there is Thompson’s water sealer whose ability is to create water proof sealing in addition to helping in mildew damage and other such problems. Besides these, there is Thompson’s aerosol water sealer which provides protection from extreme weather conditions particularly from heavy rains. Other than this, there is Australian timber penetrating oil sealer which penetrates deep into the wood, no matter how dense it is and protects the floor from getting damaged. 

Other than the above mentioned deck sealers, there is Copper coat wood preservative sealer. This type of deck sealer not only protects the deck from mildew, rot or fungus but also provides protection against termites. Besides these, there are defy extreme wood sealer, eco-safe wood treatment sealer, ready seal and Thompson’s water seal advanced natural wood protector. 

Difference between deck sealer and deck stain: 

As we know that deck or any other surface especially outdoor surfaces needs to be protected through coating or by any other means. Similarly, deck is protected from ultraviolet rays, fungus, rot, mildew, heavy rain and scorching heat by deck sealer and deck stain. The purpose of both deck sealer and deck stain is similar that is to protect wood flooring but there lies a difference between them. Deck sealer is a transparent finish that either penetrates into the wood or forms a clear film on the top which helps in protection against mildew, rot, fungus and makes the deck water proof. However deck stain has additional pigment than deck sealer due to which this pigment gets penetrates deep into wood surface and also protects it from ultra violet rays. 


Deck is a wooden surface which is elevated from the ground and is built outside the buildings for various purposes. But as these decks are built outdoors, there are great chances of them being damaged due to extreme weather condition which is why deck sealing is done. Deck sealing is the process in which deck surfaces are coated with deck sealers which protects the floor from water, fungus, rotting, etc. “Sydney decks sealing” provides the best deck sealers and deck sealing services all across the Sydney  

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