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Northern Uranium | Sort Out All Errors of the Eye with ASSORT!
Northern Uranium | Sort Out All Errors of the Eye with ASSORT!
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Sort Out All Errors of the Eye with ASSORT!

Sort Out All Errors of the Eye with ASSORT!

The eye or the vision contributes to one of the five very important senses that a human/living thing can possess (for now we will stick to talking about humans though!). everyone has had the classic old fluff in the eye scare and even though it is just a slight bit of something in your eye, sometimes it can turn out to be quite painful and irritating. And for some of us unlucky people, we picked the short straw and now must wear glasses to see, essentially. And is it not such a bothersome thing? To have to wear glasses when some people can just open their eyes and see!  

But let us go back to the topic. We were talking about how a little particle of dust can be annoying and bothersome with vision problems. Thankfully, the majority of the time these are small problems and can be easily treated by an optometrist or an optician.  

However, today we are talking about an ophthalmologist who is opticians too, in a way but they differ from normal opticians and optometrists by their level of research, the studies they have done and the level of eye problems and diseases that they can treat and operate.  

To put it in easier words, these ophthalmologists are more advanced and technical eye doctors than the normal optician and they are more likely to be part of research or be more active in the surgery part of the field. They are essentially very skilled in ophthalmic Refractive Surgery.  

Since the eye is a very sensitive organ, any type of surgery near or to the eye is extremely risky to undertake and these specialists must go through years of training before they can physically partake in them. They not only have to learn the medical part of the surgeries, but being an ophthalmologist, they must first also learn different software that produces diagrams, graphs and statistical analysis that help in the actual surgery.  

And that is our topic of discussion. We are going to talk about an amazing software that helps in these surgeries, and it is called ASSORT! 


ASSORT is a planning software with in-built calculators and other statistical tools that help with the planning of surgeries. ASSORT stands for Alpins Statistical System for Ophthalmic Refractive Surgery Techniques. The basic gist of this software is that The Alpins Method of astigmatism used in different types of surgeries for incision flattening toric, steep corneal meridian etc. are coded into this software. And this is a groundbreaking development for the field because the Alpins Method is sort of the foundation for astigmatism analysis methodology as it has also been published by the American National Standards Institute.  So, the ASSORT software has this method, which has also been approved and adopted by the journal of Refractive Surgery for procedures related to astigmatism, programmed in it which makes the procedure calculations, and all related statistical analysis is more accurate and less likely to have any calculation errors or such.  

On the very minimal and to-the-point ASSORT website, you can also find a list of web calculators that can come in handy, and these include:  

  • Vector Planning Calculator 
  • Coupling Calculator 
  • Femto LRI Calculator  
  • Toric IOL & Toric IOL refractive Surprise Calculator – which is very helpful concerning the incision flattening toric because it allows for analysis of one eye at a time in terms of astigmatism. 

The software includes more types of web calculators and other software extensions, the list of which can be accessed on their website in easy-to-use menus.  

In addition, within the ASSORT software, there is a variation called the I-ASSORT which allows for calculations of the Corneal Topographic Astigmatism (CoRT) which is used with Steep Corneal Meridian. And the I-ASSORT program calculates the steep corneal meridian via topography or tomography. 

If you are interested in the ASSORT software and its related versions and other beneficial components, then you can sign up for their membership and check out the payment plans and choose the one that benefits you the most. Further details and plans of actions related to the ASSORT software and the technical information related to things like steep corneal meridian, refractive surgery, incision flattening toric, and more can be found on their website too. So why waste time when this software can save so many lives

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