Northern Uranium | Reason Why Asbestos Needs To Be Removed – How To Ensure Safety While Removing Asbestos?  
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Reason Why Asbestos Needs To Be Removed – How To Ensure Safety While Removing Asbestos?  

Reason Why Asbestos Needs To Be Removed – How To Ensure Safety While Removing Asbestos?  

If you are living in an old house and thinking about renovating it or you are planning to move to a pre-owned house, there are some factors you would want to check out. One of them is to check if any of the older structure consists of asbestos.  

Presence of asbestos in the building structure is hazardous as it possesses a health risk. If there is harmed material around the house and it contains asbestos or there are asbestos fibers in the house due to dust then do not touch it. However if asbestos might be present in the building material of the house, but the material is in intact condition then it is not harmful. If there is asbestos found in the material around then the first thing to do is to contact asbestos removal VIC companies and let them deal with it in a professional manner.  

In some cases, the soil around the house might also be affected due to asbestos contamination, thus affecting the fauna and flora too, to some extent. This too can be dealt by asbestos contamination soil removers who are experts at handling the contaminated soil in a safe manner.  

First, let us understand why asbestos is considered such a dreaded building material.  

Why is asbestos a health hazard?  

Asbestos fibers, when inhaled, cause the lungs to scar by aggravating them, thus leading to a respiratory disorder that is non-cancerous and is termed as asbestosis. Further symptoms of the disease include shortness of breath and a sound like dry crackling when inhaling air into the lungs. In severe cases where the condition aggravates further, it can even be fatal. This disorder however does not occur overnight, but is a condition that affects the lungs over a period of years and after constant exposure to asbestos in the building structure.  

Most of the building structure used previously contained asbestos and resulted in being fatal for several tradesmen as well as workers. The substance is now banned from building structures but construction prior to the year 2000 might still contain it. It does not pose a risk as it is, but if the structure or material containing asbestos is damaged or even disturbed then asbestos fibers can travel, be present in the air and cause health problems.  

How to deal with asbestos containing material safely?  

Safety and precautionary steps need to be taken while handling asbestos  

  • Avoid using power tools since they will blow the asbestos into the air 
  • Avoid compressed air 
  • Avoid using tools, such as sanding disc or those that employ abrasive cutting tools 
  • Hoses that have high pressure must also be avoided  
  • Roofs that have cement containing corrugated asbestos material must also be avoided and not be walked upon since there is a high risk of falling through the roof 
  • Avoid leaving asbestos containing material or products out in the open or in the garden where the chances of it breaking and being crushed are high 
  • When working with asbestos containing material make it wet to avoid dust and fibers from releasing into the air. Also work in well ventilated areas 
  • Get construction materials tested in a lab to find out the asbestos content 

These safety measures need to be practiced while dealing with asbestos containing material to avoid health hazards.  

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