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Pointers That Will Aid In Choosing The Right Domain Name

Pointers That Will Aid In Choosing The Right Domain Name

Digital technology and marketing can no longer be considered new since they have been around for almost a decade and have revolutionized the way businesses conduct their marketing and advertising campaigns. In fact, it is now a norm for every business to have an online presence irrespective of the size or type of business. Small and medium enterprises, large business conglomerates, international organizations and even local businesses, all have witnessed the benefits of being digital and reaped in the advantages too.  

However, with every business being online, you can face a crisis. Digitalization has led to one particular drawback and you may encounter that drawback, which is that with so many providers and services offering the same solutions or products as your own business, how can you manage to stand out amongst them.  

One solution is to register domain names that are unique, easy to remember and such that the visitors will have a high recall value. A lot of thought goes into choosing the domain name since it will represent the company, the type of business and create an identity for the business on the world wide web. Domain names must therefore be given the same amount of thought and importance as naming a company – since it speaks about the company.  

A few tips to help choose the right and the most appropriate domain name are mentioned here.  

Pointers to help choose an appropriate domain name  

  • It should be easy to remember and type  

For the website to have a recall value and be on the top of the visitors list, it should be easy to remember and also easy to type. Complicated names, difficult pronunciations and complex spellings are the top factors that can break the deal as far as domain names are concerned.  

In fact, surveys conducted reveal that most of the popular websites have names that are easy to spell and type. Also, the names are quite basic and not complicated.  

  • The name should not be generic 

A generic name that defines the type of the business, but does not portray the values or the vision or even the motto, will definitely be lost in the sea of several other similar websites. In order to create an identity and a trust for the website, and in turn the business, the domain name must be unique and brand-able. A generic domain name might have all the correct keywords but it will not have the desired recall value and will fail to impress the visitors. Businesses must search for new names, check synonyms or take the aid of domain name generators to create unique names that have brand value.  

  • It should be concise  

If you name your website ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’, it will surely be unique but at the same time it will be too long to spell it or even type it correctly.  

Research has shown that the popularity of websites with long names, greater than 17 characters, is less as compared to the sites which have concise names.  

Thus, a maximum of 17 characters is considered optimum for domain names. 

Additional factors 

Also, the domain name must not have any hyphens and numbers must be avoided too. Additionally, the domain name must have the appropriate extension for it to be familiar and easy to remember.  


The right domain name for a particular business might require a little bit of research and use of the appropriate keywords, but it is worth the effort since it is the face of the business on the web.  

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