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Northern Uranium | Packaging Solutions with Reclaim & Timber Co.
Northern Uranium | Packaging Solutions with Reclaim & Timber Co.
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Packaging Solutions with Reclaim & Timber Co.

Packaging Solutions with Reclaim & Timber Co.

Are you somehow related to or involved in an industry where you must package your goods, or you need help safely storing your goods? Are you looking for good solutions on how you can do that without damaging your goods? Well, then look no further because I am going to introduce you to a company that has got all the answers for you!  

The answer you are looking for is at Reclaim & Timber Co.  


Reclaim & Timber Co. are a wood packaging providing company that has been producing and supplying these wood packaging such as wooden crates and pallets for sale in Brisbane in three major cities in Australia. These three cities are Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. And they have been present in this business since 1974 so they are sure a trusty place to buy your packaging from.  

Their area of specialty lies in producing wooden crates, boxes, and palettes to be used to store and package goods so that they do not get damaged during transportation from one place to another. When you combine what they do with over 40 years of experience, then you know that Reclaim & Timber Co. are not here to mess about. They and their team are driven by a hardworking attitude where all they care for Is satisfying customers as much as possible. Customer satisfaction is indeed their top priority. 


Over the course of more than 70 years of operation in providing wooden crates and pallets, Reclaim & Timber Co. have been able to construct and develop not one, but three state-of-the-art wooden crates etc. production facilities. These production plants are equipped with the most highly advanced and automated machines, fully and semi-automatic. These top-notch facilities allow Reclaim & Timber Co. to produce various styles and types of wooden crates, wooden palettes etc. for sale.  

An advantage that they have is that since Reclaim & Timber Co. own these production facilities, they are not dependent on a third-party for their products which is why they indulge their customers in customized wooden crates, wooden palettes etc. they can produce in bulk according to special requirements and make sure that they are ready to be transported to you in pristine condition. 



For those who are unsure of what type of wooden crates and pallets they want then they can opt for Reclaim & Timber Co.’s customization service. this can also be useful for those that are not sure of what type of packaging they want. You can sit together with Reclaim & Timber Co.’s design team and consult with them on what will be the most suitable option for you and their highly skilled team can make your design come true to its closest form. 


Reclaim & Timber Co. have been consistently producing high-quality packaging gear which is why they have been able to survive in the market. To make their wooden crates and wooden pallets, they use the best quality of wood and/or timber. Over time they have been vigilant in making sure that their products do not start dropping their quality but instead they try to up the quality of their products by trying variations. Reclaim & Timber Co. also can cater to customers choice of material or quality of timber is cut, length, or slings. No matter what design you choose, there is a guarantee that it will be made with the best quality of wood with professional care.  


If you require these packaging wooden crates in Melbourne and wooden pallets for sale, then it is safe to assume that you sell your goods. Therefore, you probably have time constraints and commitments to follow. Reclaim & Timber Co. understands your struggles and priorities and so they make sure that they do their best to keep your needs in mind and accommodate accordingly. To ensure the availability of products on time or to cater to any urgent orders, they offer after-hours delivery services as well (rules and conditions might apply). for this, all you must do is give them a call at their number and someone from their team will do their best in assisting you.  

So, what are you waiting for? Go to their website and find your packaging solutions with Reclaim & Timber Co! 

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