Northern Uranium | How To Keep Your AC System In Good Condition During The Winter
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How To Keep Your AC System In Good Condition During The Winter

How To Keep Your AC System In Good Condition During The Winter

After going through a long, hot summer pumping cool air into your home, the winter is time for your air conditioning system to have a well-deserved break. However, when it comes to your central AC system, out of use should never also mean out of mind. In fact, it’s just as important to regularly maintain and look after your air conditioning during the cold weather. Protecting your air conditioning unit over the winter will ensure that when the summer comes around again, it’s ready to go. Read on for our top tips for looking after your air conditioning system in the winter.  

#1. Switch It Off: 

It goes without saying that the first step you should take to prepare your air conditioning unit for the winter ahead is to turn it off completely. Switching off the power will help you save on electricity costs by avoiding any phantom loads, along with ensuring that you don’t accidentally switch the unit on. This is essential, since switching your AC system on during the winter could create a huge problem if it begins cycling water through the system which later freezes. If this happens, you may need to get in touch with an electrician North Brisbane for help.  

#2. Prioritize Outdoor Components: 

You’ll probably be glad to hear that modern air conditioning units are designed and built to withstand winter weather, and many people find that their systems continue working fine, even without taking any preventative measures during the winter months. However, whilst the cold itself might not cause any serious damage, bear in mind that the outdoor components of your air conditioning system can be damaged by other factors such as build-up of debris, excess moisture, and repeated cycles of freezing and thawing. So, it’s important to take the steps to keep the outdoor equipment protected.  

#3. Choose the Right Covering: 

It’s a wise idea to cover up your air conditioning system over the winter, in order to avoid risking damage to the metal components due to repeated freezing and thawing. However, bear in mind that this can come with a whole set of issues of its own. It’s a bad idea to simply cover up the system with any old tarp and leave it; some coverings will still allow moisture to accumulate underneath them, whilst others can make an attractive den for wildlife. It’s best to invest in a covering that’s specifically designed for your air conditioning unit; if not, find one that leaves at least a foot of open space above the ground to allow air to pass in and out.  

#4. Check Regularly: 

Once you’ve switched off your system, covered it up and cleared any debris, you should be all set for the winter. But, it’s a good idea to periodically check on it throughout the winter months to ensure that you’re not missing any problems that could arise. Each time you make a check, clear out any debris that may have blown underneath the cover, and take the time to ensure that the cover is still in place and undamaged. Other than that, your unit should be all set for the winter!  

If you need help preparing your air conditioning unit for winter, get in touch with a qualified electrician or HVAC technician today.  

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