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Green Energy Solutions Available For Your Home

Green Energy Solutions Available For Your Home

Green energy is not something that is just for governments or large industrial complexes. Clean energy solutions are available for your home too. So what exactly is it? Nearly all Australian homes are powered by electricity by being connected to a grid. But we can end up overusing electricity, driving up household costs, and also exhaust natural resources in the process of producing electricity. Green energy is not only eco friendly, it’s also much more cost efficient as well. If you want to reduce the overall electricity bills at home and in generally be more environmentally conscientious, here is a list of renewable energy solutions you can consider for your home: 

Use Solar 

One of the easiest ways you can rely less on the grid and source power from a highly green source is to go to a local retailer and buy 5kw solar panels Perth WA.  These panels harness the power of sunlight using a technology known as photovoltaic cells. The energy is immediately available, but can also be stored in PV batteries for later use. This allows your home to be completely off the grid, especially in the summer. PV cells work even in cloudy weather, so you don’t even need to live in the sunniest part of Australia to benefit.  

Solar power is becoming more and more affordable in Australia, thanks to retailers like Renew Energy that offer this technology on a local level. The prices for purchasing the hardware can vary depending on your state. Overall, however, prices are much lower on the long term compared to many other sources of energy. If you don’t have a lot of money to install PV cells, you can go partially solar in a less costly manner such as buy opting for solar hot water heating.  

Ground Source Heat Pump 

A ground source heat pump is a type of geothermal energy. This means deriving heat trapped below the ground. The temperature of the earth, underground, is steadier compared to temperature in the air because earth cools and heats up slowly. When it’s cold outside in the morning, the ground is typically still warm. When it gets really hot during daytime when the sun is out, the ground is still cooler. A ground-source heat pump uses this ground-air temperature variance to heat or cool buildings. This is a great option when you just want to save money on wintertime heating or summertime air-conditioning.  

Use Biomass Fuels 

Biomass fuels or biofuels, compared to fossil fuels, are biodegradable, nontoxic, and doesn’t result in harmful emissions. Biofuels are sources from decomposing organic matter. Biomass fuel can be just as effective as fossil fuel in generators and similar appliances that require a form of fuel. You can buy a system that creates biofuel using organic waste produced in your home. Alternatively, you can use modern appliances that use natural material to power up, such as a pellet stove that use compressed sawdust as energy.   

And don’t think switching to green energy is difficult. You can start by calling the provider of your current energy plan and asking about renewable energy options. Some providers in Australia offer customers options to choose greener sources of electricity. Otherwise, find a reputable clean energy provider in your area to hook up your home to an eco-friendly system. Prices can vary depending on the region in Australia you live. Make sure you check the average weather and climate conditions in your area before choosing the best type of green energy solution.  


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