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Five Uses You Never Thought Of For A Fence

Five Uses You Never Thought Of For A Fence

Most people think of a fence as a thing that goes nicely around the edge of a property to keep people out or your pets in. It is often preceded by words like white picket or palisade and it is all very suburban. But the truth is that there are lots of different types of fences and that in most cases we just never think of them. But there are people out there who run fencing businesses and they are not just erecting boundary walls around properties, there is a lot more to it. Here are a few types of fences that you probably haven’t thought of before. 

Water-filled barriers 

Have you ever driven through an area where there are road works and marvelled at those big plastic barriers that keep the road workers safe and separate from the cars that are still travelling on the road? These fences are made of large plastic water receptacles, which are light and easy to transport. They are connected together on site and then filled with water to give them mass and gravitas. They need to be able to absorb any impact that may come their way if and when a car loses control and heads towards the danger zone. Construction companies might own these already or they might look for a solution of fencing hire Sydney in order to rent the solution for the duration of the job. 

Crowd control barriers 

Concerts and sports events where there are huge crowds who need to be steered or shepherded effectively will often feature these types of fences. Like the water-filled barriers above, these fences come in shortish segments that can be easily joined together, carried and manipulated into a shape or area as required. They are a great temporary solution for big events. 

Electric fences 

If you live in a high crime area or you have a valuable asset or property that needs protecting then the electric fence is the way to go. In countries where crime is high they have become very popular as naturally being electrocuted is a big deterrent to anyone who is looking to enter a property. Having said that, these fences are expensive and they are far from fool-proof, so think twice before going this route. 

Game fences 

When farmers of rangers have spent a lot of money on acquiring game they want to make sure that their investment doesn’t disappear over the property boundary and away. Antelope and deer are able to jump high fences so game fences are generally tall and robust, resigned not be jumped over, dug under or pushed over.       

Timber Shoring 

Nothing modern here, just old-school, effective shoring. Used in mines or construction sites shoring is a type of fence that is designed to ensure that the walls or the roof don’t crumble and fall, burying the workers in the areas. Made out of wood it typically keeps soil or sand at bay. Typical components of a shoring fence include runners, walers and trench jacks.  



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