Northern Uranium | A Comprehensive Guide on Bamboo Mattress Topper
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A Comprehensive Guide on Bamboo Mattress Topper

A Comprehensive Guide on Bamboo Mattress Topper

Prior to getting into the nitty-gritty of everything related to bamboo mattress topper, let us understand its meaning and how it is different from other mattresses. After which we will be able to move on to its features, which one is best for the use, and care of these mattresses.  

So, first thing first, what is a bamboo mattress? 

As the name suggests, it is a mattress that is made out of bamboo. However, there are certain ways of manufacturing these mattresses. Bamboo shoots are used in a very unique way to maintain stability, long-term use, and durability. By this, we mean bamboo toppers uses viscose rayon, a by-product of bamboo and not bamboo itself. Fibre that is used in threading or weaving process is used as a substitute for polyester or cotton. Other materials are also used for weaving which is lesser in percentage.   

Is there any difference in looks of cotton, polyester, and bamboo topper?  

Well, honestly, there isn’t much of a difference among polyester, cotton, or any other material in comparison to the bamboo topper. Reason being, viscose rayon is weaved into strands, it looks similar to other fibres used in manufacturing any mattress topper.   

Advantages of bamboo mattress toppers: 

Even though you know the very core details of bamboo mattress toppers, you might be thinking about its utility. Therefore, in this section, we have answered the question so that you can decide if this justifies the use or not. We have discussed only four main and major points, rather advantages to determine if it is a good call to purchase and use.  

i)    Temperature: 

Opting for a mattress that are made up of bamboo are considered appropriate for cold nights and hot days. In nights, it emits warmth and during hot days it releases comfort by releasing coolness. In short, it is the best inductor and possesses excellent temperature control. Retention of heat in coldest nights in combination with the body heat makes it even better.  

ii)    Comfortability: 

Comfort and safety are noticed, observed, and looked into by the user or buyer. This factor doesn’t go missing or ignored at any level. Bamboo mattress toppers are soft because of less chafing as compared to processing done to other materials. Another factor that paves in during comfort is security or safety. These fibres are the source of comfort also because of almost zero allergy or side effects.  

iii)    Non-toxic: 

Since bamboo mattress topper is made up of natural materials and no chemical is used in the manufacturing procedure, there is no need to worry about the attachment of toxic elements. Other materials use toxic elements in the form of chemicals which is why they are more prone to health issues like allergies and itchiness.  

iv)    Quality: 

Bamboo is taken as consistent, resilient, and durable material. All these features help in making the best mattress. Also, these mattresses are more expensive as compared to cotton and polyester beddings. Companies associated with bamboo mattresses deal with the procedures with care and try not to do anything that may affect its durability, productivity, or anything in between. 

How to take care of a bamboo mattress topper? 

You won’t like to change or get another bedding after buying a bamboo mattress topper. It is majorly because of the price, the way it keeps you warm in cold nights, and cold in warm days. To avoid any decay and to make it last longer, there will be a certain need of care. Without that these mattresses will lose their value and won’t give the exact feel.  

So, here is what you need to know regarding care… 

  1. You need to know whether it can be hand-washed or your washing machine can take the load and will not ruin the fabric. For that, you must check the washing tag that is mostly stitched with the mattress. It is a complete guide on its own.  
  2. Even if the washing machine can wash the mattress, ensure about the after effect. Also, know if it will come out as it is after wash.  
  3. Safety in this concern is to do hand wash. Simply use soapy water and then rinse it off with moderate temperature water.  
  4. Always remember, cleaning the spot is better than cleaning the entire mattress in a go.  

Last verdict – Conclusion: 

It is wrong to say that we can’t find a reasonable yet excellent bamboo mattress. We have mentioned everything that is a must for you to know before buying any bamboo mattress.  

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